Wednesday, 6 February 2013


Hi, I'm Vi! 

How did I get here well I honestly think my mind is stuck in a bygone era!
I fondly remember being 5 years old when my dad said to me "here listen to this” and all of a sudden I heard this incredible music, my eyes widen, my senses tingled and my tiny feet tapped. I was in love!
"Who is it paps?" I asked. "Roy Orbison" he replied.
That was it I was hooked, from this day forth I tried to Lindy Hop alone - Not possible, just in case you wondered! I loved staying at my granny's house because I dressed in her 40-esque tea dresses, heels, gloves and accessories. I used her perfume bottle and stared at her wedding photos from 1956 all whilst donning a serviette tied around me neck.
My Grandparents setting off on their Honeymoon

About 9 years ago I got the courage to change my style completely and every day, after desperately trying every alternative style there was, I finally realised that I love the femininity and beauty of the past eras 1900 -1964, the hems lines decreased a little too much for my taste in the 1960’s as did morals.
Since then I have never felt comfortable in 'normal' clothing. A simple 40's style tea dress is my denim equivalent.

I decided to take up the art of Cameo when someone dearest to my heart said that she would love a Wallace Hartley cameo but couldn’t find one…..well I thought; I can do that! And I did.
Since then I have enjoyed creating and designing vintage inspired jewellery preserving the beauties of the golden era and photos of loved ones.
Some Customs made by me

You can often see me bopping around the Hertfordshire, London and sometimes Essex Rockin / vintage scene.

Want to know any more about me – ask away.

Toodle Pip
     x Vintage Vi

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